Decorating With Luxury Wedding Ideas

When the time comes to start the decoration process for your wedding, it may be worth looking outside of your financial comfort zone and consider some luxury wedding ideas found in various wedding magazines, websites, Pinterest and anywhere else you can find them. Luxury wedding ideas do, more often than not, push the limits in terms of budget, but they also provide a great form of inspiration that you can adapt into your own unique wedding ideas.


Start by finding ideas that are simple in execution but rich in details. Hanging wedding decorations are a great way to build depth and style into your wedding while also providing a rich amount of detail. Some hanging decorations are simple – small little flags or ornaments strung along can make for a large statement when placed the right way. Other ideas, like ceiling-hung drapes with lighting, are a bit more laborious but also very simple to arrange. The type of decorations that you hang should also be relevant to the theme itself. Using hanging ceiling drapes in a barn wedding can help mesh the elegant feel of a traditional wedding venue with the rustic charm of the great outdoors. With various customization options for all types of hanging decoration, have fun with it and make a statement from floor to ceiling.


Wedding flowers are another way that you can add color and flair to your wedding by providing accenting colors in various locations. Flowers can be used as table arrangements, adornments for chairs, statement pieces for the wedding party and miscellaneous decoration around the venue. As the crafting world continue to explode, flowers can come in all sorts of various mediums as well. Flowers in their own right are fairly expensive, especially in large quantities, so having someone create felt or paper flowers can help bring a more relaxed feel to your wedding while also saving you a lot depending on the quantity purchased. These alternative flowers also last infinitely longer and can be kept as keepsakes for future memories.


Wedding venues are an (obviously) huge part in the wedding planning process. Your wedding venue will speak to your sense and feel for the wedding and the feelings that the venue itself should invoke. Picking a more traditional wedding venue is very common, but for those looking to spice it up a bit, consider looking into luxury hotels or resorts for both local and destination weddings. Luxury accommodations bring with them unparalleled beauty and typically provide you with the assistance of on-site wedding planners to help you make the perfect wedding experience. Finding a venue that exudes luxury can make your decorating process much easier as well. Outdoor weddings in beautifully maintained grounds with pre-existing decorations can help you plan the decorating process and eliminate the need for a lot of frivolous decorations that fall to the wayside at the end of the evening.


Always say “yes” to the dress! Wedding dresses can be a bit of a pain between fittings, adjustments, style choices and even accompanying bridesmaids dresses, but one thing will always remain certain: say yes to the dress that feels right. Designers like Vera Wang create absolutely stunning wedding dresses that scream luxury, style and class and can range for all different style types for any flavour of bride. While you may only wear your wedding dress once, you’ll never forget the day that you wear it, so it’s absolutely crucial that the dress you pick is not only beautiful, but makes you feel beautiful as well.


Don’t be the wedding with the crappy food. We’ve all been to weddings where the food has fallen short of being anything other than “questionable.” Serving your guests something that looks like it came out of a high school cafeteria is both bad taste and a huge let down. Find a local caterer that’s willing to work with you to create a stunning menu using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Working with ingredients that are in-seasons reduces costs and makes a much fresher taste. This will also give you the opportunity to expand your dining options as food choices will be much more specific. If you can find a chef or caterer that’s willing to work with you to create customized dishes then you’ll give off the impression of having masterfully crafted food without paying exorbitant prices.